Our Goal

Improving People's Lives

Founded in 2000 to accomplish one goal; To help improve people's lives. Everything we have done - from the culture we have nurtured, the changes we have created and the platform we have built - has been in support of that singular goal.

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02 February 2020


Maldives’ most reputed brand Damas Furniture & Index Furniture by Damas Company Pvt Ltd concludes their year-end “Annual Sale” promotion with lucky draw winner’s selection. Damas’s prestigious Annual Sale promotion continued from October 15th, 2019 till January 15th, 2020, The selection of the lucky-draw winners were held at  Damas’s Homeware Outlet at Majeedhee Magu on 30th January 2020. Annual Sale’s...

Driven by experience. Guided by passion.

Driven by experience. Guided by passion.

Since 1978

Built on Solid Network

Commercial network in 300 islands, 15 atolls. Products distributed in more than 150 resorts, 100 guest houses, 30 guest hotels, 50 cafe's and restaurants, and the general public.

Steady Investments

Identify opportunities and steady investments into attractive markets. Continuous investments into people development, improving product and service quality.


Staying one step ahead of technological developments, Damas carry out continuous development and product innovative solutions by maintaining strategic partnerships.

Our Stories

Our history of more than three decades of business activity is all about the responsible way we carry out our organization to achieve this one goal of "improving people's lives" that we incorporate into the choices we make throughout the value chain.

Ms. Mariyam SalihDeputy Chairperson

We follow the founder's footsteps, rightly proud us and our nation. We are committed to striving to achieve this one goal of "improving people's lives" and happiness for everyone around us. We're not just for the generation of today, but for many generations to come.

Mr. Abdulla SalihManaging Director

We believe that in an increasingly globalized and an online world, we must continuously improve our ability to meet a very demanding customer expectation by leading an incredibly talented team that is creative, innovative & highly motivated.

Mr. Ahmed SalihDeputy Managing Director

We know that it brings additional responsibility to be market leaders. But we firmly believe that one of the cornerstones of competitive edge in today's business world is the way we experience that responsibility.

Mr. Ahmed Zayan Abdulla SalihDirector