Damas Character

Determination We are proud of our achievements and have a genuine belief that what we do makes a difference to people’s lives. We are determined to integrate our business concept and philosophy in all our decisions and follow them through to continuing success.  We continue to set higher standards for ourselves and are unyielding in our commitment to reach our goals.

Ambition We see the opportunities that others don’t and understand the value of taking risks. We trust our instincts and listen to our intuition so that we continue to be leaders and pioneers. We believe that innovation is the foundation of our success. We work with clear goals and objectives by understanding where we are and what we want to achieve.

Management We strive to achieve higher levels of performance through superior organization and planning. We are and have always been creative, inspired and resourceful in the way we work. We get things done more quickly by working in an open and informal way and by cutting through to the essentials. We have a clear focus on being fast both in terms of delivering results and responding to change.

Accountability We are responsible for the actions we take and are answerable to all our stakeholders, which include our customers and clients, suppliers and collaborators, distributors and retailers, staff and shareholders.

Service We strive to excel in customer service and exceed expectations, through competence, promptness and courtesy. We believe in simplicity and understand the value of being straightforward, uncomplicated, and accessible. We work closely with our customers and anticipate their needs so that we can serve them better.