Damas Food & Beverages

The products at Damas Food & Beverages are geared to serve the needs of the tourism industry. The products come with the standards of quality that the industry demands. The range of mineral and bottled waters at Damas Food & Beverages under the brand name of Prolife is produced at the Company’s own bottling plant in Sri Lanka. Munna Rice which is also one of the products in the group is one of Damas Company’s own in house brands. Wines and Spirits under this category of products are sold from our bonded warehouse in Male’ to resort customers.

Our products in this department include;

·       Mineral water

·       Bottled water

·       Baby Water

·       Rice

·       Flour

·       Juices

·       Coffee

·       Confectionery

·       Wines and Spirits


MOAK coffee


UNIKAI juices


Basmathi Munna Rice


Prolife Water


Baby Water