HR & Training Concept

At Damas we encourage entrepreneurship. Our mode of operation, daily conduct of our business and our training programs are designed to instill in each one of our staff, the spirit of entrepreneurship, passion, commitment and dedication to the task at hand, and sincerity to ones owns self in one’s area of work.

The Company’s formal training programs are designed to reflect and build on Damas Company’s Characteristics and foster determination, ambition, proficiency in management, accountability and a desire to excel in customer service.

Our objective is to ensure that each member of our staff has the attitude and ability to become successful even on their own right, during their employment at Damas, as well as their future careers once they leave the Company to seek new opportunities.

We don’t see our staff as a permanent fixture of our Company. We see their tenure at Damas as a phase in their lives during which they train themselves in the real world, acquire knowledge, gain confidence and if they have the ambition, launch themselves to a higher level.