Damas Company is one of the most reputed business names in the Maldives offering a wide array of products and services for households and businesses. The Company serves a broad base of customers across different industries catering to their needs and demands and an expanding swath of consumers and corporate customers across the country ensuring availability and access to products and services that continue to enhance their lives.

Damas Company’s origins lie in the construction business that Mr. Mohamed Salih, the Chairman of the Company, set up in Male’ in 1978. In 1983 Mohamed Salih formed Dimms Pvt. Ltd. with his business partner, which became one of the most established business names in the country. In 2000 the partners of Dimms decided to dissolve the company and split their businesses. Damas Company came into being in the same year.

The Company firmly believes that the objective of doing business should encompass aims greater than maximizing short term benefits; that a successful business could only be sustained with real and comprehensive stakeholder participation that includes its customers and clients, suppliers and collaborators, distributors and retailers, staff and shareholders; and that the business should directly and indirectly help to enhance and improve the quality of life of all those whom the Company believes are its stakeholders.

Our philosophy is translated into our daily activities through the way we conduct our daily business and our continuing programs aimed to achieve human empowerment and cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the staff and those in our network of distributors that we have established and continue to nurture.