·       Ensure that Damas Concept and Philosophy is ingrained in all the Company’s activities and the daily conduct of its business and its operations.

·       A carefully thought out selection of products and services, which undergo continuous review in order to match as closely possible, the changing needs of households, industry and the community.

·       An unrelenting commitment to the strengthening of our nationwide network of retailers and partners that ensures greater and efficient access to all corners of the country.

·       Continuous review of our logistics and distribution infrastructure in order to maintain quick and efficient delivery to corporate customers.

·       Continuous training and education of all members of our retail network and our staff, to inculcate our values and character to produce successful entrepreneurs among themselves and to achieve the Company’s broader social aims and its business objectives.

·       Strategic diversification of the Company’s businesses that achieves the right mix of products and services, to the extent that ensures sustainability and profitability in the context of the small size of the Maldives market that limits expansion of any single business.