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Avid College's "Happiness and Wellbeing" Workshop Uplifts Damas Staff

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In a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility, Avid College organized a transformative "Happiness and Wellbeing" workshop for the dedicated staff members of Damas today. The event, which aimed to promote a positive work-life balance, was a resounding success, leaving attendees with smiles, a renewed sense of purpose, and valuable tools for self-care.

Throughout the day, participants engaged in a series of empowering sessions that focused on fostering happiness and overall well-being. Avid College's expert facilitators guided Damas staff through practical strategies designed to enhance both personal and professional aspects of their lives. From stress management techniques to mindfulness exercises, the workshop provided a holistic approach to achieving a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

The Happiness and Wellbeing" workshop was filled with positive vibes as participants shared their experiences and insights, creating a supportive community within the Damas family.

As the day concluded, the Damas team left the workshop equipped with newfound knowledge and a toolkit for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Avid College's "Happiness and Wellbeing" workshop proved to be a beacon of positivity, leaving a lasting impact on the well-being of the Damas staff members.